Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hooray - Photos In Family Tree is Live Right Now

This is still Beta

This is my grandmother Nancy Athena Porter as it now shows in Family Tree.

Notice that it says there are 3 photos.

As any person adds photos to their account, tagged with Nancy Porter Name, and connect to her, the photo count increases.

Many persons can add to one ancestor.

No one can delete my photos added.

When photos 3 in this case is selected it takes you to all of the photos submitted tagged as Nancy, and Connected to her.

The process is not difficult. You go to the website address of and be logged in. You must have an account. Anyone can open an account beginning February 8th. Many have access now and can upload photos.

When logged in and at the photo site click add person.

You make sure you don't have a licensing issue and drag the photo from your desktop into the green area in the center of the dotted circle.

You can tell if  your upload was successful 
by the response  shown by the red arrow.

To illustrate I performed these steps on a photo that included my mother. The red ! indicates I had not connected the tagged photo to her in Family Tree.

The option to tag is presented right after you insert the photo.

I then went to people, clicked her photo and the search connect boxes came up.

Family Tree had found my mother searching for her name as I had tagged her to the photo.

No result offered would have allowed me to take out her name in the name or person search box and replace it with her PID #, in her case I could have found it in Family Tree as KWCJ-344. Every entry into Family Tree has a PID# assigned. (Personal Identification Number)

I chose her from the options presented.

Automatically the photo showed up in her file on Family Tree.

The most recent photo tagged to her seems to be the one displayed in her account. 

I am not sure if this is permanently live, but they started training us on this last Tuesday, so I assume it is.

Its easy, it's cool, it's fun, and it's a legacy.

After this comes stories and Oral Histories. Oh, and more. 

There is nothing like Family Tree.
Printing Pedigree Charts and Family Group Sheets are coming also.

Kathleen Thinks They Way They Are Displayed In The People Section Is Cool


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial, Larry. It was very helpful (though I haven't added any photos yet).