Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Family Tree Update

I just left a meeting with the Family Tree project manager.

Printing features: Pedigree charts, Family Group Sheets, and Fan Charts are probably a couple of weeks away.

Those who input sources into new.familysearch.org need not fear - those sources will be moved to Family Tree.

New Family Search merges were turned off because the merge messed up the data in family tree. Please stop merging and separating in the third party programs. Be patient, things are moving forward. The pressure is on the third party vendors to get syncronized with the Family Tree API.

Next week is the target for the public go live - that date could be pushed an additional week.


  1. Thanks for posting these updates on Family Tree. Your blog seems to be about the only place to hear about the changes. Have you heard anything about when we will be able to scan our own documents and upload those scans as sources? It seems like some people are using FS Photos for this purpose and that doesn't really seem like the right place for sources. Any word on when FS Photos will be available to everyone?

    1. Hi there anonymous,

      I am in family tree support which is why i am ontop of the latest.

      You are correct - don't use photos for documents. I think I Should make this an article.