Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Photo's In Family Tree Are Just Way Cool

The photo feature is still in Beta, sorta. As of this article there are 76,334 photos posted on Family Tree. I have placed 48 of them and looking to add more.

Invitations to join the beta are found at:

PS: Don't use Windows Explorer when working with photos.

Currently only those with member accounts are being given access. This is a capacity issue. At 8AM each morning 50 new users are given access. We hope it is live for all soon. Only a couple of bugs in the helper button are keeping Family Tree from going live to the public.

Once you have access you are able to see any photos that are published. They appear in top of the persons file when you open up the view person link.

This person has 7 photos uploaded.
By clicking photos at that point you are taken to a place where all photos tagged to that person reside (Illustrated Below).


You will be able to enlarge a photo by clicking on it:

Once You have access you can upload photos. You see them live immediately,but they are reviewed for following church policy before they are offically accepted. I had one rejected because it wasn't a person, it was painting by my great grandmother. Also, forget the swimming suit photo. Its a no go.

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