Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yes - The Best Part of The Wiki Is Easier To Find

On January 8th I wrote that I was bewildered that the best part of the Wiki was basically hidden. This is the article:

I Don't Know Why FamilySearch Keeps This Part A Secret

Because of the awesome power of this blog FamilySearch has made it easier to find. 

The reason I love this page is that it is a compilation of how to research a State. It assembles the various places you can look for your ancestors.

My Cragun lineage has deep roots in Indiana, with Elisha Cragun spending  most of his life there. Some of his 10 children settled there. Therefore I am about to embark on searching every source listed on the Indiana Wiki page for the Cragun history. 

Here is the path using Indiana as an example.  First got to

Then click learn: 

Then Go to Research Wiki:

You then arrive at the page below.
You can search by topic here, which you may do at times.
However, I want to search all resources in Indiana. 
So I click United States

Scroll down until you see the colored map of the United States
In my example, click Indiana

You arrive at what the FamilySearch Wiki has assembled about resources in Indiana.
This page grows from time to time. 

I would suggest you put a watch on the States or places you are interested in.
I would also recommend that you follow that page on the Facebook pages.

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