Monday, February 4, 2013

Februrary 12th is the target for Family Tree To Be Visible To All

Many have been able to get onto family tree with their current FamilySearch  account. On February 8th the Family Tree link will be visible to all. Clicking the link will take them to the Tree or take them to a register page. It won't be heavily advertised as they determine the load the system can take at the time.

It is expected in the next two years that 2 million new accounts will be opened. Then, the tree for all of Adams family will begin to take place.

I notice as I am now assigned to answer support questions on Family Tree that many are in a hurry to fix everything. Don't be in a hurry. Take the time to document and prove each change you make. When you make a change  you make it for everyone, so don't just willy nilly start fixing things.

Don't be hesitant on starting conversations. Look to collaborate. Learn the proper ways to fix things by video at

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