Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Be Patient - Don't Place Documents In Photos In Family Tree



and how about this patient guy: Patience

I know, it's not fun being patient. But it is a wonderful attribute.

It has been pointed out to me that some now have access to the beta of Photos in Family Tree and are posting documents in the photos section.

Don't do that.

Documents need to be posted in sources.

OK, some sources are in your pretty little hands. Yes, and you want them on the tree. So you find it easy to scan it, upload it into photos. Sure it works, but it defeats the purpose of sourcing in the tree. Many will look for the document in the source section of family tree and not see it, having not bothered to go elsewhere, such as in photos.

Already I have saved hours of research by not having to do research repeat, from the sources provided by others that are now attached to the tree.

Don't make things more complicated by putting sources in two places. Please don't that is.

The Family Tree is a work in process.

Regarding photos going live to all: almost all projects to the tree were sequestered, making photos the most important next addition - directing all engineering and developing to that component. It seems to be working real well in beta and I expect it to be live in a couple of weeks. I will keep you posted as it becomes clearer.

Uploading directly from your desktop into  via scanning - is coming. It's just not next. Think of how cool it will be to have our additions to the billions of records already on Family Search. We have a lot to add to family search. My guess is that this process won't be ready for at least two months. I know a year ago the target for this was in March 2013. I am sure they are behind.

I too got impatient and wanted some documents uploaded to the tree. I used my account at to upload them as pdf's and then was able to get a link and attach that source to the tree. I am trying to constrain myself from that process. It is better served for that document to be on I'm guessing that in the future I will transfer them from Slideshare to FamilySearch.

This reminds me of a poem:

Patience is a virtue
Catch it if you can
Seldom found in woman
Always found in man.

I think that's how it goes. That's right isn't it?

PS: The reason that family tree didn't go live to the public yesterday was that the foreign languages component wasn't ready. They want that to be part of it.

Tip: check into This is where the engineers are testing new features. It's a good way to spot what is happening soon.


  1. Thanks for the update. What do you mean when you say "almost all projects to the tree were sequestered."

  2. Hi anonymous. The term sequestered is the term used by the project manager. It indicates that almost all engineers and developers were taken off their projects to assist in finishing the photos component.