Tuesday, April 16, 2013

3 Cheers For FamilySearch - The Upgrade Is Going Live This Morning Check it out now

CheeringWhat a team those developers are. They were up through the early hours with the big question, is it a go or a no  go?  For weeks the target was today and today it is.

I am writing as we go into a support group webinar. You are getting the latest info.

It looks like Family Tree is live and FamilySearch is not yet.

I will be updating this throughout the day as I see more changes.

1- Everyone will have access to publish photos and stories. At first they will add 200 per day to test out the band width impact.

2- There is a new design. I like it.
3- Anyone can easily get live help via chat, phone, or email. This includes research help.

4- It will be easy to find a local LDS Family History Centers. (There are 4,000 English Speaking)

5-  The new fan chart is cool.

If you have a problem use anything but Internet Explorer 9 as your browser.
They didn't make it with the printing functions. Dang.


  1. Thanks for keeping us informed. It's very helpful. If I enter a source in FT now will I be able to attach a scanned document to that source when that feature is rolled out, or would I be better off waiting to enter sources until they implement that?

  2. Hi there. It would be better to wait. There will be a link right next to the stories in the view person where uploaded documents will be placed(right from your desktop to the tree.) Good question.

  3. OK, thanks. So does that mean I will need to re-enter all the sources I have put in so far if I want to attach my own uploaded document? If so, it seems like someone needs to get the word out to stop putting sources in if you want to attach your own uploaded documents to them.

  4. I'm not sure yet how they are going to handle it. Sources in now don't have the actual image, usually a link. The next source feature may link to the source box from the image. I know Ron a tanner often speaks to a later feature of uploading documents from your computer. I tell people to start scanning.