Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Message To The Critics. BE

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All of those at FamilySearch and Family Tree who answer your email, chat, and phone calls are here supporting your questions as volunteers, either full time, part time, or missionaries serving from home. There are about 500 of us. It is a rewarding service we give.

It would be better if many of the patrons were nicer. A missionary recently commented that when she arrived and started handling cases she thought she would hate it here. Grumble, mumble, and complain. Gripe right. And then she helped someone who was more than grateful. That made her decide it was a good thing, being here.

A lot of the complaining is merely because something on the website was moved and is different. Wow, did that bring on an onslaught of complaining last week. Personally, I skipped by the gripers, I decided I was in a mood I might not be the responder I should be.

It was not all bad, a lot of people just emailed to thank us for our work, and for how awesome Family Tree is. Thanks to you.

I'm done serving tomorrow. I will miss it. Not so much the gripers and naughty ones.

By the way, personally, when it comes to Family Tree - I LOVE IT!

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