Monday, April 22, 2013

Which Is Her Daddy?

One of the not so obvious tasks in Family Tree (I hear it will be made easier) is selecting the father or mother you want to show up in the Family Tree.

In my case, do I want Edward The Rogue South
who fathered my mother in the tree. Even more curious will my sisters, my cousins, or other relatives select him? I guess that's a matter of collaborating to decide.

However, when we want to change who is selected, the process is not so simple to figure out in Family Tree.

The developers call this "Preferred Parents And Spouses"

In my case if I want to set Thomas Salinas, who my mother knew as Daddy, who grandmother Nancy was married to in the Logan Temple as the person in the tree you can currently do it in new.familysearch

or you can pick Thomas as an example: by going to the child node, which when you click it brings up the parent link you want to be in the tree. This choice will remain if you do it that way.

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