Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sometimes People Need To Communicate Better

Phone call 144/365 (Year 2)

One day I realized that several of the cases we were receiving were really wild and funny. 
People were emailing the darndest things.
Here are a few: See if you can figure out how to help them.

1- I want to find my sister. Please help.

2- I want to report a problem. When I go to FamilySearch to search for an ancestor, I can't find them.

3- FamilySearch chose the birth place of Patrick Anderson, Why?

4- I cannot locate the following people in my tree: Mr. Bateman and Mrs. Bateman. I would like to find them. 

5- I am searching for my grandmother. Can you help please?

6- I have 30,000 names. Maybe I broke it!! 

7-  Why is my husband birthday incorrect?

And these were all in one day. Fun!

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