Monday, April 29, 2013

Here Is An Important Family Tree Clue Regarding Uploading Documents We Have

I have been anxiously waiting to publish documents to my ancestors in Family Tree. It's one of the important missing components of Family Tree.

When I was in support we had cases every day wanting to know when the could upload their documents and should they just put them in the photos section. We gave the answer to wait. That is the wrong answer now.

Ron Tanner just posted some hot news to the request: Incorporate the capability of using digital copies (pdf, jpeg) to family tree.

His hot off the wire response: It isn't ready yet. I would go ahead and upload into photos (600 dpi minimum). The feature will allow you to upload a photo or take an existing photo and make a source out of it."

I am sure this will bring a wave of uploads to photos. Just remember what you posted there as  it appears you will need to go back and link the items to sources.

I have much to do right now, I think I will likely wait to see the component in finished form. Sure I will. Yeah. Right. OK, maybe I will wait.


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  1. Unfortunately still not accepting .pdf files. I was hoping so, but they say its coming.