Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nathan Tanner Porter, A Favorite Uncle

Nathan Tanner Porter is one of my favorite Uncles.

No, I never met him he is a little older than me. He was born in 1818. I will be anxious to meet him when passing to the next life. (Many years from now of course)

For one thing, he was the missionary that first introduced the gospel to Elisha Cragun, his wife Mary Osborne, and his 10 children. (Nine of them actually. The oldest was married and out of the area.) So On my fathers side, Cragun, and on my mothers side of my genealogy, Porter there is a connection.

Since my mission days in England I have loved missionary work. Nathan was a great missionary and very committed to sharing the gospel.

I have been given access to his journals that are stored on microfilm at the Salt Lake City Church History Library. I've also been given permission to copy them.

Some of his journal addresses the trials the early Mormons suffered through mobs and persecutions of unthinkable acts.

I'm attaching some more of his journal. On page 89 he is writing about his father Sanford's discussions with  some of the less faithful Saints. On  page 80 he writes about his committment to leave his family and preach the gospel, even to the ends of the earth.

Nathan mission 2 from Larry Cragun

You can enlarge the stories.  

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