Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10 Questions to Ask a Research Facility Before You Visit

You can only accomplish a portion of your research on line. You can add to your success by using local sources such as an LDS Family History Library.

Eventually you will likely have to visit a local source to your ancestors: a historical society, a cemetary, or other facility. Make sure you study these 10 items found on ASK.com, click here.

1. What are the regular research hours?

This may seem like a no-brainer, but some people still neglect to ask. By asking, you may learn that the facility is open late on certain nights for research, or that some areas of the facility keep separate hours. While the main library may be open daily 9-5, the microfilm room or local history room may have more limited research hours.

2. Are there any holidays or special closures?

It's not that uncommon for archives, courthouses and other research facilities to close for a few weeks during the summer or winter to give their staff a break, or to do some housekeeping. Holiday closures may also include days you didn't expect, or portions of a facility may be closed for repairs or remodeling. Some smaller courthouses may even close for lunch!

3. In what form are the records available?

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