Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Family Search Wiki, Your Number One Research Source

Below are links to a complete presentation on the Wiki. It may seem like the least interesting post as an article that I have published. However, if you study the content in each of these links it will likely become the most important genealogy research article you will have read.

The Wiki won't have the answers to your family history search, it will likely have the answer as to how to find the information you are seeking.

The content in the Wiki is growing daily. The good news is that it is possibly, even probably, your number one research source.

I encourage you to take the time to review everything in the following links. It just may multiply your research success and eliminate a whole bunch of wasted time.

Researching in the Wiki ~ Student Handout
Researching in the Wiki ~ Teaching Guide
Researching in the Wiki ~ Case Study with links
Researching in the Wiki ~ Case Study without links
Researching in the Wiki ~ Beginning Wiki User Page Links

Researching in the Wiki ~ Powerpoint (view online, click to advance slides)
Researching in the Wiki ~ Powerpoint (download, begins when you click on the link)

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