Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nancy and Sister Wilding Destroy Excuses For Not Serving Others

Meet Sister Wilding, I just did.

She is the lady in the yellow dress. That is her hand walker just right of the man she is helping. Sister Wilding is a missionary, serving at the Salt Lake City Family History Library, helping patrons. The man she is helping is stuck. Sister Wilding knows how to help him. (Missionaries are Elders or Sisters)

Sister Wilding knows her stuff, she should, she has been a missionary here since 1979. Sure it is a little difficult for some and she is an example. She struggles to walk, her speech isn't as fast as it once was. She rides to the library on the Trax rail system. She uses a scooter to make it the final distance.

As I met her I wondered what excuses do we sometimes make that keep us from serving others? People from all walks of life and all denominations come to this library in hopes of finding an ancestor. I am here with Elder Price who is looking for his mothers birth certificate. It is likely here on microfilm.

Too busy might be an excuse to avoid serving. Too difficult to move around isn't one for Sister Wilding. Too busy with the grand kids is one I have heard. I heard that as a Bishop.

As I am here writing this post I hear Sister Wilding chuckling. A man just left the counter with a printout in hand. He seems to have left with what he came for and she is obviously pleased.

Oh, the excuse of too old. I think that just went out the door. Sister Wilding is 97 years old. Take that.

The entire time I have taken to write this I think of my sister Nancy, who handicapped with MS tirelessly struggles along to do genealogy research (thousands of names found) feeling, knowing in her heart that she is providing something of value for mankind.

Nancy and  Sister Wilding, destroying all excuses. Thanks for your example. 

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