Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Latest On Family Tree

I wanted to update you on the project status and share a couple of minor enhancements.

Project StatusWe are quickly reaching the point where we will turn on Family Tree for all users. (Until now, users needed to go through an invitation portal to gain access.) This means that all members of the Church who have access to new.familysearch.org, as well as all publicly registered users, will be able to see the Family Tree link and access the product.

We expect this transition to happen within the next month.

To prepare for this significant step, we have been busy working on a number of features. They include: Coming Feature: Merge PersonThis feature compares two people. If you determine that they are in fact the same person, you can select which data to preserve, and then you merge them. If you determine that these two people are NOT the same person, you can indicate that they are "Not-A-Match." This is a powerful new feature. It will prevent improper merging.

Coming Feature: Reserve OrdinancesUsers will be able to start the temple reservation work flow by selecting the Ordinances Ready link. 

Coming Feature: Language SupportUsers will be able to use the product in their local language (we support 10 languages) and enter names in their native script (I.e. Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic, etc.).

Coming Feature: Improved Site IntegrationAs we continue to unify our site, there are a number of improvements you will notice. The first is our authentication. You will be able to sign in and stay signed in for up to 2 weeks. The second improvement is browser navigation. Among other things, the use of the browser back button will now be consistent. 

Source Box Availability from the HeaderYou can now access your source box directly from the header!   History List and Other Preferences to be ResetUnfortunately, your history list will be reset, as will several other preferences. This is a one-time action that is necessary to unify our user and preferences databases.

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