Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bertha Cragun Death Sourced Birth Commented On

Per my sister Nancy Day: My mothers Birth:  Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho, USA   In unwed mothers home. I have searched & found no evidence of an unwed mothers home. Perhaps she went to a Relief Society midwife in Pocatello. 

Larry Cragun: She was haunted with low self esteem her entire life over this. Her mother died when she was about 14 and she was raised by her grandmother Electa Elizabeth Porter in Porterville, Utah. She  was not treated well as a child there, basically being shunned by the community.

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1916   Name Bertha had no middle name. Used her birth father's name=South & her step father's=Salinas. E.R. Wanted her named Eddra, her mother called her Little Bird. 

My mother, Bertha Cragun died of a sudden heart attack. It took place early in morning, I think about 4 AM. My sister Peggy was able to contact me and I arrived at the Hospitol in Bellevue, Wa. about 10:30 AM and she was unconscious. She died a few hours after I arrived. Photobucket

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