Saturday, August 25, 2012

Here It Is, The Instruction Site For FamilySearch Family Tree

I have noticed they are working on the training site, this is a beta period, and the site is occassioanlly down. Please come back if it is.

Why am I excited about FamilySearch Family Tree? In a nutshell, it is an awesome concept. Click here and read this article on how Family Tree Will Change Genealogy Research Forever. This site, Family Tree is incredible, the Church will provide it to the public for free. It is a multiple million dollar investment and a witness to their commitment to the family history mission for all mankind, past and present.

It's an extension of which in itself is an amazing delivery. To give you an idea of how FamilySearch is growing, one zone in our mission - the vault - has a daily quota of uploading 1.2 million entries a day into They don't end their shift without the quota being met. Serious genealogists go back to FamilySearch weekly to see what is new.

And Family Tree - my oh my - this week in the training zone we change out curriculum to start teaching each new missionary family tree. Click here to check an article about documentation and Family Tree.

The photo below is from the training site for Family Tree. This is the link to the training and sign up instructions, click here. There are videos and exercises. It just went live. Included is the instructions on how to turn Family Tree on. Once turned on, and when you sign in, the Family Tree option is part of your Family Search menu bar.

Currently only LDS Church members can sign on. Soon waves of the public will be able to join. Limiting access in the beginning is mostly a matter of controlling the traffic on the servers. The projections is that 2 million new users will join Family Tree in the first two years. We have already bought the space for that volume.


  1. Thank you for the excellent news summary, Larry. I will share it with the Consultants in our Family History Center (still can't get our Director to call it a FamilySearch Center).

  2. Thank you Becky. I mentioned your comment to my wife. Her mission assignment is training family history center directors. She said they have never had an official announcemnt that she knows of on the actual name they are to go by. Lar