Friday, July 20, 2012

10 Differences Between Family Search FamilyTree and Others

One might ask, what will be the difference between the Family Search FamilyTree and other Trees.
Here are 10, and they are important: There are more.
   1- FamilyTree will be free. Understand that the church partners with many businesses. They encourage any and all to join in and grow in this massive and important work. Some businesses that we partner with compete in the same type of delivered products, such as FamilyTree. The Church recognizes that much of the great innovation wouldn't have come about without the entrepreneurs out there. That will be the same in the future. However, the commitment and resources we have, make the church a valuable partner to them. The 1940 census is a good example. Together, with partners, over 7 million 1940 census names were index in just one day last week. That is a staggering record.
   FamilyTree needs to be - because it is free. There are many who won't participate if they have to pay. Some can't, some won't. Thus an important role for FamilyTree.
   2-  FamilyTree will be one giant family tree, not many. We are all one human family and this will bring that into focus. So together we will be building a giant pedigree chart. The Church is preparing for two million new users over the first two years. There will be none like it. Since it is one FamilyTree, if I make a change on my tree, it changes it for everyone. That is different, and don't panic over this.
   3- The tree will not be private. How frustrating it is to know that someone has a document or knowledge about a common ancestor and their tree is not public, and they won't answer an email. That ends with Family tree. We will be sharing, and therefore collaborating.
   4- Documentation is public. Yesterday I uploaded and linked several documents, photos, FindaGrave memorials, and life history stories on our Bingham ancestors into FamilyTree. These were mostly collections of our mother, and were in a box, not very visible, right? They are now visible to those who are in FamilyTree. I cannot tell you the excitement I felt. It kept me motivated and working late into the night. I kept thinking, Lorenzo Freeman Bingham (for example) has many many ancestors, I wonder if they have this story. The key, I am by my contributions yesterday giving other researchers and family the ability to have, even check the correctness of the details of these peoples lives. They will not have to duplicate the work my mother has documented. They will possible know something about their ancestor they never knew. What I post is not secret, it is shared. Isn't that the proper spirit for the Church to be fostering? By the way, each document I posted required me to give detail on where it is, why I used it, and other relevant information. Also note, once that document is posted, others can use it for another ancestor. It's our ancestors document and can be connected where ever by whomever. Perhaps the document is a census with information about a child who is your ancestor. It's there for you to connect to your ancestors part of the tree.
   5-  FamilyTree has tools to organize and communicate. The everything is public about this is what is different. Your email is only provided voluntarily, so some won't input their email. However, you can start a topic in your ancestors section. This will be visible to all. Like a forum there can be an ongoing discussion. It might be best to discuss a change  you want to make before you make it. You can also select to receive an email when any change is made or data entered on any ancestor.
   6- Through a tool owned by a partner (A very inexpensive tool) you can broadcast email anyone who has contributed data to your ancestors. You can pick and choose which are to receive the email. I used it recently and loved the feedback from those that responded. From some I received thanks for my efforts (warm fuzzies are always nice) and others reached back to connect with me in my research.
   7-  FamilyTree will be supported and monitored by staff and missionaries to assure a positive experience. Already hundreds of missionaries are being trained to support the questions that will be coming in by chat, phone calls, or email. We will have a process to lock out abusers. The online training will be sufficient for most, but questions will be welcomed and answered.
   8- For those that have experienced the hassle in New Family Search that incorrect entries have caused, don't worry, be happy, you can fix it yourself. If an entry shows your great grandad married to his daughter, just remove it. You removed it for you and you removed it for everyone. How cool is that? You just must explain why you did it. That removal is put aside in a changes made file. The reason for that, if you were wrong, it can easily be returned to your ancestors tree.
   9- Anyone can join. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or not, you are all going to be welcomed in. There will probably be an organized manner in rolling it out, but everyone is going to be able to join in.
  10- FamilyTree will be loaded with millions of records from day one. All of the new family search records are now being loaded into FamilyTree. Mind you, some are disputed, but remember, you can easily fix them. The majority of the data is correct. For years the Church has had hundreds of staff and missionaries fielding cases and fixing them.
   You might be amazed at what is already linked regarding your ancestors.  However, they are probably not documented. So it will now be your opportunity to follow the road map laid out by others to verify what is there. That you will discover is the fun part. You will also discover the importance of collaboration.
   There you go, that's 10 difference between FamilySearch FamilyTree and others, there are more. Be excited. And as that catchy song says, "Don't Worry Be Happy".
By the way, the head of this project, Ron Tanner tells us to tell others, the best thing you can do to get ready is to start scanning your documentation. That advice gets you going without having to wait for the launch. Maybe I'll write a song, "Don't Worry Start Scanning".

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