Friday, July 13, 2012

Some Great Bingham Posts, Recently Up On Bingham Family Research Blog

I recently had a fun day posting documentation and stories about my Bingham ancestors on the Bingham Family Research Blog. I then linked them to FamilyTree. Here are the links and titles of those postings:

Kent Smith: Husband to Blanche Bingham Funeral Program

Emma Adams White Guthrie 96 Bithday Announcement - Newpaper with photo

Lorenzo Freeman Bingham Birthday Announcement Newspaper with photo

Emma Adams White Guthrie Life History
Life Story Blanche Rebecca Bingham

Sarah Rebecca Guthrie Bingham Story

Erastus Bingham = My Great Great Great Grandfather

From Blanche Rebecca Bingham 2 handwritten stories

Click this, the link to the Bingham family research site.

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  1. The documentation I've found lists the name of Emma Adams White's ship was Ship Name: Camillis, not the International. See my tree