Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yeeeeeeek, This Is Frustrating - New Family Search

New Family Search is the LDS church family tree software. Frankly, it's great on one hand, and a mess on another. The messes keep happening. Above are examples of how people, perhaps carelessly create the messes.

In red you see a Kent Smith, not my grandfather now married to Blanche Rebbecca Bingham. Grandma Blanche and my Kent Smith had no children. I know the lady who did this, as she left a note that Kent Smith is still living. That should have been a clue to her, as live people don't show up in new family search. She showed the wrong Kent Smith married to my grandmother and then said in a comment that Kent Smith is still living. I have loaded our Kent Smiths Birth Certificate, Funeral Program, and a photo of him in FamilyTree to make it easier for her to use documentation when she makes entries.

What an improvement this will be to those who care about accuracy. We should only enter data we can document. We will be able to make the documents public to others.

PS: To add insult to injury she connected my grandmother to the wrong parents. I have the option of submitting it to the church support team to fix, or just wait for FamilyTree and do it myself. I think it will be more fun to wait and do it myself. So there.


  1. I hope she doesn't have a tree linked to grandpa Kent on Ancestry, too.

  2. She may, but I removed grandma from her new family search tree. ho ho ho. I was nice, explained and documented. :)