Monday, July 9, 2012

Are You Irish? Well You Dog You!

You may have learned how important the Irish were in our fight for independence from Britain. They were a tough bunch, seasoned by over 200 years of oppression in Ireland. They were willing to fight to their death. They were unwilling to relive the oppression  Ireland endured. Truly, coming to America for freedom sake meant more to our Irish Ancestors than it did to many. It was more than opportunity.

I had the opinion, before I started digging into Irish Genealogy, that researching our Irish ancestors was nearly impossible. Certainly the British conquerors did destroy many records. There were records destroyed in fires. However, the spirit of genealogy research is alive and passionately well in Ireland. It is more than a government project, the people of Ireland are searching for records and publishing them online at a feverish pace. 

One of my greatest desires is to locate our immigrant grandfather Patrick, even his parents in Ireland. The stories about him are intriguing. However little is documented and the records of his parents are not found, yet. We don't even know his mothers name.

(I am writing another blog about my Cragun research, click here to find it. )

I have been collecting online Irish Genealogy Websites  resources and listing them in a category of "Irish Research"on the right sidebar of this blog. I'll be adding to it as best I can.

Knowing what County in Ireland your ancestor was born, baptized, lived, was married, or died in is really important. Most of these links are going to help those who know the right County.
Today I added a link that takes you to a website that is proving the latest updates from Ireland Genealogy Project archives. These updates are from Counties: Donegal, Dublin, Fermanagh, Galway,Kilkenny, Tipperarry, Sligo, Waterford, and Wicklow.

I welcome you to guide me to additional sources. I'll post them gladly.

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