Saturday, July 28, 2012

Area You Getting The Genealogy Itch?

Even dogs have ancestors

In a recent article, Chris Zdeb, in the Edmonton Journal website makes some great points for those who want to jump into family history research.

She discusses priorities and that there may be costs to obtain some of the documents you want. She discusses how some people start traveling to ancestors homelands.

There are dos and dont's.
I recommend the article but add that their are tremendous resources you shouldn't overlook that are free. Some pay sites are free at LDS Family History Libraries. There are a lot of sites that can help you may not know of.

I add links to this blog as I come across online information relating to the countries and families I am interested in. You might notice most right now are from Ireland. However, there are many and most of them are free. One cool one for those with Mormon Pioneer heritage is the BYU site I just added yesterday under Emigration Research.

I also want to plug my research blogs, even this blog. Maybe you should consider the fun and benefits of your publishing a family blog, or a research blog. We are recently getting from 20 to 60 hits a day from Google and other search engine searches sending people here. I have had a few interactions off of these blogs. I am hoping this concept grows and those with a similar focus will do some collaborating with me.

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