Thursday, July 12, 2012

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Here are a few interesting stats about the website Users have viewed over 700,000 courses found on family There are a total of 481 courses online in Over 870,000 ancestors were found as a result of those courses.


New Books at the Family History Library — July 2012 Update

Full Story

1940 Census Index Project Adds Minnesota and Rhode Island: Report for—July 9, 2012

FamilySearch is excited to announce the addition of Minnesota and Rhode Island to the list of completed and searchable states in the 1940 US Census Index Project. To date we have indexed 84.35% of the entire collection with 31 states fully indexed and available for searching at  Additional states will be following soon as we complete the finishing touches of those states that are finished with their indexing and arbitration. Full Story

Free Guide to Tennessee Ancestors

Do you have Tennessee ancestors? If you do, you’ll want to check out the free guide to Tennessee ancestors available at Full Story

1940 Census Index Project is Going Strong: Report for—July 6, 2012

We’re still moving right along with the 1940 Census Indexing project. To date we have indexed 82% of the entire collection with 29 states fully indexed and available for searching at The end is in sight. You have all done a remarkable job of taking a collection of more than 138 million names and turning it into an easy to use, searchable index. What’s best is it’s available to the public free of charge because of all your hard work. Full Story

FamilySearch Indexers Leave a Legacy in a Record Setting Event

Baseball Grand SlamOn July 2, FamilySearch indexers and arbitrators from around the world joined together for 24 hours in what became a mind-boggling event in so many ways. Who could have guessed that we would MORE THAN DOUBLE what was already an aggressive indexing and arbitration goal to complete 5 million records? Simply unbelievable! In baseball terms, that’s an “out of the park grand slam!” Full Story

Digital Preservation – Easy, right?

The LDS Church has been a pioneer for many decades in preserving important family history records, keeping them safe from the dangers of both man and nature. It took many years to build the Granite Mountain Records Vault, where microfilm records are safely kept today. But what about all this digital information that Family Search is generating to assist researchers on the Internet –how does that get preserved from generation to generation? As you might imagine, digital content is a bit more complex and fragile than microfilm to preserve long term. Digital preservation is a lot more than just tape backup. Let’s explore some of the nuances and complexities of long-term, digital preservation. Full Story

What’s Hot—Get and Give Help

Do you have questions about researching family who lived in any of these states? Full Story

What’s Hot—The Research Wiki

Are you familiar with FamilySearch’s Research Wiki? The research wiki is a powerful tool for doing genealogy and family history research. You can search the Wiki to find out more about what records exist and where your family lived. Here’s how you can search the Wiki and find some great information. Full Story

Events—Genealogy and Family History Conferences

The following is a list of selected Genealogy and Family History Conferences throughout the United States. Full Story

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