Thursday, July 5, 2012

Genealogy And Family History Conferences

I am convinced conferences are great for both motivation and education. Usually the prepared hand-outs are as valuable as the sessions. Family Search Wiki has just posted these upcoming events.

International Assoc. Of Jewish Gen Soc
Place: Paris, France
Date: 15- 18 Jul

Midwestern Roots Conference
Place: Indianapolis, IN
Date: 20-21 Jul
BYU Family History Conference
Place: Provo, Utah
Date: 31 Jul – 3 Aug
BYU Education Week
Place: Provo, Utah
Date: 25-26 Aug
Swedish Genealogical Conference
Place: Sweden
Date: 25-26 Aug
FGS (Federation of Genealogical Societies)
Place: Birmingham, Alabama
Date: 29 Aug-1 Sept
FH Expo- Midwest
Place: Kearny, Nebraska
Date: 7-8 Sep
Sandstone Conference 
Place: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: Sep
Place: Greensboro, North Carolina
Date: 4-7 Oct
FH Expo- Sacramento
Place: Sacramento, California
Date: 19-20 Oct
International Black Genealogy Summit
Place: SLC, UT (Radisson hotel)
Date:  18-20 Oct

FH Expo-Atlanta
Place: Atlanta, Georgia
Date:  9-10 Nov

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