Monday, July 2, 2012

Google Search Tips

There are many tricks to improving your Google Search results. Here are a few using Genealogy as the desired search:

Using the symbol ~ in front, such as ~genealogy searches for synonyms of the term.

Surround the word with quotes "genealogy" brings up only an exact match.

quotes around words such as "the" or "&" delivers a match on words that are normally ignored.

adding a - to a second term such as{ cragun -larry }eliminates search results that inlcude the second word.

Putting a .. between two dates deliver matches within the given range. { Patrick Cragun 1745..1765 }

Inserting all caps OR matches either of the terms separated by the OR { Nancy Salinas OR Porter } searches both variations.

If you want to search only on a particular website do this as an example: Porter  site:someurl

To find similar pages: related:someurl

These are just a few tips. I have already found them helpful. I hope you do also.

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