Friday, July 27, 2012

Is Your Irish Surname One Of The Top 20?

In Ireland, family pride is as enduring as the mountains. This country puts family before everything else, and betraying your family name is never an option. If you have the privilege of an Irish surname, you’ll know that name is built on an strong foundation of loyalty, courage, and a dedication to the family and its traditions.
Check out the infographic below to discover the history and strongholds of 20 of the most popular Irish family names. Please share this page on Facebook and Twitter and ignite the fire of family pride among your friends and the global Irish community: Then click here for the great Irish website

The website gives names explanations, which is real interesting. Sorry kids, there is no Cragun, Creagan, or the like. That's probably because their is 100 variations of our name.

Murphy, Kelly,
O'Sullivan, Walsh,
Smith, O'brien, Byrne,
Ryan, O'Connor, O' Neil,
McCarthy, Gallagher, Doherty,
Shea, O'Reilly, Doyle, Powr,
Fitzgerald, O'Malley

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