Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Family Tree is Going To Test The Testy


...for a moment that testy person was me.

Fear not, I did get a grip on things.

I think.

Here is the story, and many many people are going to experience the same thing.

It began a couple of weeks ago when I was looking at my tree only to discover my dads mother, Blanche Bingham had a new mother and father. Personally, I think Bertrand and Darinda might be nice people, but my great grandpartents are Lorenzo and Sarah.

OK, being in love with the concepts of Family Search Family Tree I did as I should: I opened a conversation that explains the mistake. I did more, I attached a birth certificate to my grandmothers file for all the world, including this idiot, to see. You know I am jesting about the idiot thing, right?

I was so proud of myself, so happy with Family Tree. It's all good.

No, not good. Today I went into Family Tree to add a short story I found about Lorenzo. Lorenzo wasn't there, Bertand was.

Now, I took this calmly, right? Not at first.

I think we are all going to have to develop loving attitudes beyond our greatest expectation. When one is messing with YOUR family tree, YOU are not going to be happy. It is especially troublesome when they reverse the change you made.

So in all the nice I could muster I emailed this distant non cousin and kindly explained her mistake was for the second time and for her to lay off my family tree. No, I didn't say the lay off my family tree part. But some might, and that wouldn't be a good thing.

So: I opened a chat type convesation, I made the change by deleting grandma from the wrong family. It required me to explain my changes which I did nicely. I hope. This meaning to do well probable cousin provided her email address. So I emailed her and provided my phone number. I suggested she call me so I could help her understand. (She hasn't yet) What more can I do? Oh, in Family Tree it is easy to attached a document to antother person. so I attached my grandmothers birth certificate to Bertrand with a comment and explanation. Perhaps it wasn't noticed over in my grandmothers file.

So I will hope this ends it. It may not. If so I will keep on making the changes back. I do believe that there will be a process freezing someone from consistantly replacing correct that is documented for  incorrect that is not.

The benefits of sharing and collaborating are huge. Perhaps as big is the development of a non testy attitude by folks like me. Then perhaps we pass the test.


  1. Wonder if two rights correct a wrong? I can go fix it, hee hee hee.